Set your agenda.

Set your agenda.

Next, you need to set a structured agenda for your session.


No agenda, no attenda!

Here's the plan:

1. Sign up
2. Create your first room
3. Set your agenda
4. Make your room private
5. Invite participants to join

Spending a bit of time ahead to plan your workshop beforehand will save you a lot of time during the live workshop session. Set your agenda so you'll have a structured plan built into your session that makes it easy to stay on track for you and your participants.

To set an agenda...

Step 1: Click 'Set agenda now'


Step 2: Add your agenda points, one at a time.


You can set and customise the following:

  • A title to represent your agenda point. Type in anything that helps structure your workshop; the topic, an activity, or even a discussion prompt.
  • The ideal/max duration you wanna spend on the point before moving on to the next one. You can input any number in minutes and we'll show a visual timer to help you stay within your planned time. You can also choose to leave it blank, if you don't feel like being constrained by time.
  • The chronological order everything happens in. Tip: Drag the agenda points above or below one another to reorder them as you structure your full agenda.

Add all the points that make up your workshop and, BOOM, you should have a full agenda set up in your MeetButter room! Well done!

(Opt) Step 3: Review your full agenda.


Just to be extra-extra-sure, you might want to hit 'See full agenda' - which should be there in the 'Home' tab once you have an agenda set up - and review all the points you've lined up to see if they make sense as a whole. If things looks good, you're ready to go!

Don't worry, all these things can be edited from within an active session, too. It's always better to prepare everything ahead, but in case changes need to be made on the fly, you'll have full control to revisit your agenda and switch things around!

Tip: Using your agenda in an active session...

(more Agenda Navigation tips here)


Make sure you use the Agenda arrow buttons (← and →) to guide your participants through your structured plan throughout your workshop! This will help keep things moving in an orderly and timely manner while keeping everyone on the same page at all times!

If you want to see a quick demo instead, watch this video: